How to increase retail sales per square foot for a small business

Retail tips by Mighty Malls

Even a very small store can weave scenes together into an unfolding story -- a story that make each item seem especially valuable.

Comfort and security mean very different things to different kinds of customers. It just takes some creativity -- and an understanding of your customer.

Creating excitement and a memorable experience does not have to be expensive. When you hit the mark of your customer, they will enjoy buying!

Shopping can be work.... or it can be fun! Successful stores draw customers across the threshold by presenting merchandise in its natural environment.

Like a BRAND, a store image must validate the customer -- as well as the products. When your store reflects your customer's style and self-image, they will buy...

A store must take customers out of their pace by suspending reality for brief moment... Leaving an indelible impression on their minds.

All the details of the store must mirror your customer's self-image and aspirations.

A well designed store breaks down your customer's inherent defenses to the selling environment.